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Chances are that you've already written a resume or two.  Maybe even chosen candidates from resumes you've been screening for.  While this may be the case, as a professional resume writer I'm always surprised by the difficulty people have selling themselves in print. Maybe it's modesty.  Maybe they just aren't sure what separates a job description from a statement of differentiated accomplishment. Maybe they are focusing on their own resume and can't imagine how it will come across to the recruiter reviewing 100 resumes.

When we meet I'll interview you to discover the important stuff you've left out, and enable you to shine.  Having a great resume creates confidence, and confidence is one of the most desirable traits in a college or MBA applicant or job seeker. If you believe you can do the job well others will too.


I'm not a fan of gimmicks, and I don't like resumes that scream for attention with colors, graphics, and unusual formats.  If you're working in a creative profession some unique design elements can be introduced, but for most people it's best to let your content shine rather than your design.  An ideal resume is no more than two pages unless you're an academic. It features a font that is clear and easy on the eyes, and a decent amount of white space.  It shows measurable achievement and results, though these may be reflected in many ways including $, #s, percentages, or scale.  Professional and academic performance indicators should be included.  Drama will help your resume stand out. Humor is fine in small doses.


  • Jobseekers from entry-level through to nearly retired
  • High school students who need resumes as part of college applications
  • College students applying for internships and jobs post graduation
  • MBA applicants
  • On-ramping parents
  • Internationals seeking to "Americanize" their resumes
  • Folks in every industry you can name
  • Mature professionals seeking to "youthen" their resumes
One major issue that many jobseekers have is not understanding how a resume and LinkedIn work together. They should complement and not contradict each other. Whether you request it or not, I’ll review your online profile to see if elements can be incorporated in your resume, and which elements work best in each.
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Other Services

I can work with you on every piece of collateral in the process.  I've assisted with application essays, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and thank-you notes.  As a career advisor I also did hundreds of mock interviews, and I'm happy to work with you on interview practice as well.  I minored in Drama, and can play the recruiter role from start to finish if you like.



Resumemama is the not so secret identity of Janet Raiffa, a corporate recruiter-turned MBA career advisor-turned resume writing superheroine.  After years of gatekeeping for a top investment bank, two law firms, and two consulting firms, I discovered that I loved helping candidates succeed. I knew what recruiters liked and what they didn't.  I wanted to share this inside knowledge with jobseekers. I took this knowledge with me when I started advising MBAs at three top business schools, and now I'm excited to share it with you.

Janet Raiffa

Janet Raiffa


Let's Get Started

Send me your resume at:

I'll review it from the perspective of a recruiter, but spend more than the average 30 seconds of a first pass.  What comes across clearly? What don't I understand?  What might be suspicious?  I'll then draft a suggested revision and contact you to review.  This can be done in person or on the phone, and takes about an hour. I've worked with folks all over the US and in many other countries including Brazil, Greece, Japan, Kenya,  and South Africa. During this session I'll interview you for more material and we'll discuss your job search process. I'll then turn around a suggested final version in a day or two.



Some resume services charge as much as $500 or more.  Not your Resumemama.  Depending on your level, your package will run from between $125-$200.  Further services are $65 per hour.  Resume packages include revisions until you are happy with the final version. I believe that charging less than the competition decreases my advertising costs--my business comes largely from word of mouth.